The (ool breEze

I go by the name of Brianah...(Bree-yon-ah)..but my familiars call me Breezy ;)..I am a misunderstood tragedy... creativity is my encouragement and her offspring inspires me...nature, music, fashion and any other forms of the arts are what makes my world a genuine person stuck in the middle of the Palm trees, good weed, and the breeze... Miami...i do the have the tendency to over re-blog some of the people that i follow.. but if i see brilliance or sheer comedy then its a a rambler, a dreamer, a artist, and believer ...half past crazy but never far from reality ..i am ME ;)

At the beach with it #MyFavBeer #WishIHadSomeSake #imCold


This plant is called “makahiya”; in Tagalog, ‘hiya’ means shy.

Upon being touched, this plant’s leaves immediately fold up together as if the plant is shy (hence its name).

people are gonna talk anyways….might as well give them something to talk about (Taken with Instagram)


Kanye West & Dj Khaled – “theraflu”
While all our eyes are watching God G.O.O.D. Music’s new track, “Mercy,” scheduled to drop on Friday, Flex capped off Wednesday by dropping “Theraflu,” a new tune featuring none other […]

Source: The Smoking Section

Florida..i love you

I.G.T (Taken with instagram)

Chili of cheese (Taken with instagram)

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